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What are the Guidelines for Faculty?

  • To allow sufficient time for processing, professors should submit a reserve list to Circulation as soon as possible and at least 14 days before the class is to begin.
  • Reserve lists are processed in order they are received.
  • Professors will be notified by email after their items have been processed and placed on reserve.
  • Reserve materials will be removed from Reserve at the end of each semester, unless a different date is indicated.
  • By instructor's request, items owned by Miller Library will be pulled and placed on reserve following the instructor’s requests. 

What is Needed to Submit?

  • A completed reserve request form
  • A copy of the course syllabus
  • Any personal items to be placed on reserve
  • For eReserve, email original items such as PowerPoint presentations or Word documents to
  • Copyright permission where needed (see below)

What are the Guidelines for Submitting Personal Items?

  • Unless the professor indicates otherwise, personal copies of books and photocopies will be returned by campus mail.
  • Personal property of professors will be carefully barcoded during processing
  • Although every effort will be made to insure that materials are treated carefully, the library cannot be held responsible for replacing lost or damaged personal material.
  • Student-authored classroom work must contain a signed release by the student or former student granting the faculty member permission to use the student's work. 

What are the Guidelines for Submitting Copies?

  • All eReserve content will have a password assigned by library personnel.
  • If a professor wishes to use copyrighted material for more than one semester, and the material is freely available on the open web, the library will provide that link to access it.  If the material is not available on the open web, the professor must obtain copyright permission. The professor needs to submit a copy of such permission along with the reserve articles.
  • If a professor wishes to place a photocopy on reserve at Miller Library, the professor must include the copyright notice of the photocopied material along with the copies.
  • Multiple copies (a reasonable maximum is six copies) of "fair use" material may be placed on reserve.  "The number of copies should be reasonable in light of the number of students enrolled, the difficulty and timing of assignments, and the number of other courses which may assign the same materials, 17 U.S.C. 107 (1) & (3)" (Talab, 75).
  • Either the library or the professor needs to own an original copy of the material that is photocopied and placed on reserve. If neither owns the original, copyright permission must be included with the article being submitted for reserves. (Information from the Internet can be freely submitted, though the library will use discretion in determining if copyright permissions are needed.)


What are the Course Reserve Guidelines for Online Classes?

Under the TEACH Act, material used by distance instructors for their regular class instruction may be made available on an ongoing basis through the library’s eReserve system without copyright permission, if:


  • The use is either “live” or for asynchronous class sessions.
  • The use does not include the transmission of textbook materials, materials “typically purchased or acquired by students,” or works developed specifically for online uses.
  • Only “reasonable and limited portions,” such as might be performed or displayed during a typical live classroom session, are used.
  • The use is NOT from a coursepack or interlibrary loan
  • The use does NOT apply to digital content provided under license
  • Scanned content is NOT available digitally, or is protected by technological measures (see Copyright Clearance Center’s “The TEACH Act,”).


How do you Request Copyright Permission?

  1. Go to
  2. Type the title of the material you want.
  3. Select Pay-Per-Use Options
  4. Select Price & Order, and fill out appropriate information.  If the Price & Order option is not available, select Contact Info, revise the sample letter below to fit your request, and mail it to the address listed.

Where can I find further Copyright information?

Who can I Contact for Course Reserves?

Email or call 616.222.1458.